Starting work for a new client

In my line of work I am always coming across interesting people.  Recently someone from this pest control company in Davis called me to do some work for them.  I love dealing in pest control and working with pest control companies.  I am familiar with the industry.

The other good thing about the industry is that it is pretty much recession proof.  Now, that being said it is seasonal in some parts of the country.  Sacramento, believe it or not, does get fairly cold–but at the same time it is warm there also.  If you know of anyone who is needing good web or marketing work done, please have them fill out my contact form.

Have a great evening everyone!


World Series

I’ll admit I am a baseball fan.  I don’t watch a lot of it, I mainly watch the the playoffs.  This year has been a great year.  Last night there was a crazy end to a world series game.

Runner interference from a fielder, I’ve never seen anything like this at all.  Very strange, and they should revisit the rules at the end of the season, which I think they will.

That’s it on my end!  Hope everyone is well!


Busy week ahead, but just got done watching the Redsox come back and beat the Detroit Tigers.  David Ortiz hit a grand slam in the bottom of the 8th inning.  Say what you want about baseball, yes it can be boring.  But when it is exciting, it is EXCITING.  Wow.

No clock in the games makes it really exciting.  Go to espn and check it out, you’ll see the replay no doubt.  Go Boston!

This week has flown!

Amazing how fast this week has gone.  First, Memorial day was packed with a cookout with friends and then visiting family.  Tuesday…it went fast too.  Wednesday had work done on the house as you can see we had problems a couple weeks back when we had a pipe burst in our wall–actually it was a little fitting.  You can see it here.

Anyway, ran some errands, and talking to family members is tiring.  I go to the doctor next week to learn about more things that are going on.  So, lets see how that turns out.  Hopefully very well.  Have a safe weekend everyone!  I plan on getting together with some friends and maybe going to a movie.  I’m not sure which movie we plan on going to see, but I think it will be a lot of fun and I cannot wait for the weekend!

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

Today, if you are a racing fan, is a day you can enjoy three big races.  The Monaco Grand Prix, the Indianapolis 500, and then the Coca Cola 600.  My Husband loves cars, so he loves watching, more than any race, the Monaco Grand Prix.  They do more than just turn left in a big giant oval…LOL.

Anyway, just wanted to wish everyone a happy memorial day.  Going over to some friend’s house tomorrow and can’t wait to spend time with them and eat some good food!

Vacation is coming up at the end of June and early July and I need to get lots done!

Talk soon everyone!

Family —

Spent some time with the family today.  It was a good time seeing all the little ones.  My how they grow up very quickly. Fact is, just seems like yesterday many of these little tikes were born, and now here they are…running fast, growing fast…just amazing.

This Memorial Day weekend I think it is important to remember the challenges that we all face in life and the sacrifices people have made in our lives to get us to the point where we are today.  We must cooperation in life….or we do not grow as human beings.  Have a great weekend and hug the people you love.

Life is hard at times…

A few years ago one of my best friends lost her dad.  He contracted colon cancer, and when they had discovered the cancer it was at stage four.  Life is too short, and we sometimes get wrapped up in things that are not working, instead of focusing on what is working in life and what makes us happy.

Take some time today to love and hug on your family members.  It isn’t easy, and life is often times too short!


Recently learned some interesting information about some friends and family of mine.  What has it taught me?  Not to ever be judgmental, because we don’t know the whole story.  The fact is, in life, we only see a little part of things.  We only see a sliver and can only get a little bit of information from this so we form opinions.

Each person can be easily hurt by their environment and mis-communication, and nobody sets out in life when they are young to be a bad person.  Along the way different situations come across to us and make us into the people we are.  Some of this is the environment, some of it is genetics and how we were born.  And some of it is being pig-headed and determined to accomplish your goals in life.  Nature vs. Nurture.  All of it comes into play.  So the next time you think you know all the facts in a situation, just remember, you don’t!

Have a great day, cherish it, love your family and friends, and remember…they are valuable…and you won’t know it until you are without them.



This week I spent Saturday AND Sunday volunteering.  I’m tired, and it is rainy and somewhat cold out.  I slept for a few hours this afternoon.  Very tiring, honestly, to do this and now I have a long week ahead with many things to do.  But that is life and I’m certainly glad to be busy and not have a bunch of negative stuff going on in my life.

This week I plan to get back on my diet and eat a lot of healthy food.  I’ve been so busy with work, volunteering, and other problems that I haven’t had a lot of time to exercise and eat healthy.  I finally got a change to get to the grocery store and get a bunch of fruit and vegetables.  Now the next step is to find a good plumber and to get the house fixed back up.  I’ll let you know as soon as I learn more, but for now work and other stuff takes priority.

Also, my family hash had some issues. My brother-in-law torn something in his knee, so he is on crutches and will miss the upcoming mini-marathon he will be running, and his wife (my sister) has vision problems.  So they’ve been hit in all direction, but that is part of life.

Hope all is well everyone, have a great week!

An annoying week…

1) First, my sister who is living with us has been sick all week and she has refused to go to the freaking doctor to get help with her annoying cough.  It is really irritating because I cannot stand it when people just cough and cough.  I sleep next to her room and I can hear her coughing all night and it keeps me up.

2) We had a leak in one of our wall this week.  So frustrating because $6 in parts turns out to be $300 in labor.  All for one little fitting that went bad.  Wet carpet, wet carpet padding, and now the insurance adjuster has to come by.  Of course my sister, who helps around the house will be conveniently at the doctor’s appointment.  How convenient.  Makes me have to do more work.

Anyway, here are some wonderful pics of the house and how it looks and looked.

This little pipe was the issue...actually the fitting on it.  $6 in parts, but to find it in the wall is always fun!

This little pipe was the issue…actually the fitting on it. $6 in parts, but to find it in the wall is always fun!

How the floor looked once we rolled back the carpet.

How the floor looked once we rolled back the carpet.

Once we saw where the leak was coming from.

Once we saw where the leak was coming from.

Water everywhere now.

Water everywhere now.

It was coming out of this angle of the wall.

It was coming out of this angle of the wall.