Recently learned some interesting information about some friends and family of mine.  What has it taught me?  Not to ever be judgmental, because we don’t know the whole story.  The fact is, in life, we only see a little part of things.  We only see a sliver and can only get a little bit of information from this so we form opinions.

Each person can be easily hurt by their environment and mis-communication, and nobody sets out in life when they are young to be a bad person.  Along the way different situations come across to us and make us into the people we are.  Some of this is the environment, some of it is genetics and how we were born.  And some of it is being pig-headed and determined to accomplish your goals in life.  Nature vs. Nurture.  All of it comes into play.  So the next time you think you know all the facts in a situation, just remember, you don’t!

Have a great day, cherish it, love your family and friends, and remember…they are valuable…and you won’t know it until you are without them.


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